Friday, 8 May 2015

Help Stacie Cycle No.3

Right so it's official I'm a terrible blogger, but I'm going to take my dad's advice of doing regular posts but smaller. So quick run down on what's happened since my last post. I'm officially a cyclist, took my rite of passage of a zero mph fall TWICE in one day in a very public place, I've just got rid of the bruises! So I changed my pedals back till my confidence grows. My time in the gym is not as good as it should be, lacking motivation or energy. But this week I've done my first HIIT class which I felt I did get hit in hit by a bus. My body is aching so much! But the more you're aching the better the class and exercise, getting your heart rate up, pushing your body to its limits as well as your mind,  my PT Danielle Booth has a habit of pushing you with words such as "mind over matter, your legs will not fail you!" She's right but sometimes I wish they would so I wouldn't have to feel the burn as much! Still working on the nutrition trying to create health with ease is a tad difficult for me, in regards to prepping but slowly getting there. On a progressive note though, my fitness is improving I don't die cycling up the hill to my house (I did the first) I'm seeing some definition and change in my body (the booty is forming nicely watch JLo) and most importantly I'm feeling better in myself.

Now onto a fresh start Monday I start my new job, hopefully followed with some fresh perspective watch this space :)

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Help Stacie Cycle No.2

Hi Guys,

Ok been a while longer than I would of liked, trying for once a week but had a slight delay, wasn't sure what I wanted to write. But finally sat at my laptop with a glass of a red ready to write. I've had a very productive evening, had my weekly kick ass session with Danielle, she put me through my paces as always. Was a very successful session feeling strong after it can feel the improvement. She had me doing some resistance work, with cardio interval training, by the end of it my legs was about to give way, she'd worked me so hard. But despite my jelly legs and trying to catch my breath back and hydrate again, I felt so much better about myself. Got some iron pumping, heart beat racing, pushing myself to my limits. So why is it that I only feel like this after I've had my arse kicked by D? Well because I have someone there to keep me on the straight and narrow, no slacking or cheating (which is what I do on my own) and the whole reason I got a personal trainer in the first place and she is worth every penny! So how can I push myself the same way she does when she isn't around? I'm hearing you all believe me I am "Just Do It" "You're only cheating yourself" or a favorite of my boyfriend is "Who am I doing this for?" ...low I know, guilt tripping me into going and working hard but it works and reminds me why I am doing it. Saying and doing are two very different things and sometimes the latter can be tricky, finding the motivation, the time and the will power to push, it can be challenging to achieve all 3. So as I am training for an intense event I need to prepare and find a way to overcome my challenges and in order to do this I need to actually go to the gym more than I currently because I am only letting myself down and wasting my money, plus I do feel crappy if I don't because I am letting myself down and everyone who is supporting me and donating. My task is to go to the gym 4 times a week, this is the plan: 1 session with ass kicker, 1 pilates/yoga/body balance class (stretching out and elongating them aching muscles and relaxing my body and mind, on the subject I did my first Pilates class in a long time this evening after my session with D and it was amazing, you learn so much more about your body and what it needs along with relaxing and focusing your mind, you feel somewhat at peace with yourself, very cliche I know and I am sorry however it is very true!) Anyways back on my tasks...1 swimming session and 1 session where I do my personal program Danielle was  kind enough to create for me, then anything on top of that is a bonus. This is my weekly task and the plan is to post a blog about it at the end of it for you folks to read to let you know on my progress or any struggles I've had. With me so far? Cool, now onto the fundraising update, I have the best father in the world, he is so supportive and has been helping me get sponsors. Which has took me nicely over the half way mark of my minimum target of 1k, he has managed to get me some pretty hefty donations which is truly amazing and he is part of my motivation. Knowing he is supporting me in whatever way he can means the world, and I now have more people I can't let down and more money going into the honey pot, I have to keep going and pushing, pushing harder than the last time. Along with physical training, you have to be very aware of nutrition, the pair go hand in hand for a successful outcome and been able to maximize your body results. My diet isn't that bad but it could be a lot better, I'm sucker for the sweet stuff...that's another one of my tasks, let's see how this week goes eh? I'm going to try breaking old habits and making new ones, what will you be doing?? I'll keep you posted, any tips or advice feel free to comment I'd love to read it #helpstaciecycle

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Help Stacie Cycle No.1

So my very first attempt at keeping a blog, so apologies in advanced, be kind! Here goes...
My name is Stacie and I live in Leeds, UK, and I have made the brave be it crazy decision to participate in a challenge for charity. Awesome I know, as we all know how important fund raisers are to so many charities around the world and I would love to help every single one of them, maybe I will  one day but for now I'm starting personal. I am raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, in memory of my amazing Auntie Tracey, she was one of the bravest woman I know and loved by so many. She was taken by the most common grim reaper in the UK, Cancer. Breast and ovarian to be exact, and the money I raise will be to help other Aunties along with mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and anyone else unfortunate to have this be a part of their life.
Now the challenging part, my event I've signed up for is The North Challenge Cancer Cycle, cycling from Leeds across the Pennines to Manchester, 62 miles to be exact, and in the spirit of raising more money and challenge myself further I've decided to do it back to back. So get to Manchester,'re half way there, time to cycle back *gasp* I know tired just thinking about it, 62 miles wasn't good enough for me so settled for 124miles instead.
Now in order or maximise fundraising potential I've created a virgin money giving page:
I'm rallying all my friends and family to help, because they're amazing. But the point of the blog is motivation for myself, in order to do such a extravagant challenge you need to train hard. Now I've been out the game a few years and I'm struggling it get back into it. Joined the gym...check, got myself a personal trainer Danielle to kick my arse into gear each week, pushing me harder than anyone has before...check, but I need the same energy all the time so I thought it would be a good idea to post a blog and write about my journey from couch potato to Victoria Pendleton, somewhere to track my process publicly. So here it is. Somewhere I can maybe inspire others to follow suit, to raise awareness for my cause, to get support when I need it and to do something I've never done before. I hope you guys enjoy reading about journey so far. Until next time 😉🚲 #helpstaciecycle